Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes with Marcy Cathey of College Park Academy (Director) 7-11
  • SI Project will be implemented during a World Language and S.S. elective time and students will likely have a general school-provided permission form for participation that should be generalizable for IRB purposes.
  • A new principal (Bernadette) was just hired. She is completing her PhD at Walden University with a focus on teacher PD. Melissa, Susan, and Kelly will meet with Bernadette and Marcy on July 24th to tour the school and share the results of the Advisory Board meeting.
  • College Park Academy's goals include:
    • A student-centered approach
    • The opportunity for choice (2-3 options) in either final product or topic within a standards based theme for the SI Units.
    • The opportunity for student products to become a useful resource for other students (kids teaching kids)
    • A date for the start of the program in advance so that the school can begin to backwards plan when to implement the SI Elective.
  • Questions moving forward include:
    • What do students need in order to use the prototype?
    • How can children build their own collections?
    • How will we integrate Common Core ELA goals into the student products (e.g., focus on primary sources)?
    • How can we ensure that final products are factually accurate? What kind of oversight will be required?
    • What kinds of before and after knowledge assessments of the topic content, digital process, and disciplinary process (historical and scientific thinking) do we want to use to measure growth and participation?
    • How can we integrate "Connections" curriculum goals with the Common Core? Next Generation Science Standards?

Meeting Notes 6-25


  • Susan and Melissa will send advisors' contact information to Kelly to post on the wiki.
  • Melissa will contact an additional advisor from Smithsonian who has experience in informal learning possibly with a STEM background
  • Tehani will find out whether we will be able to conduct the project within school hours or in the afterschool program and if the program can be made mandatory and free as stated by Marcy in a 4/15/13 email to Susan and Kelly.
  • Tehani will also find out about the school’s policy on research and consent for our IRB.
  • Kelly will begin work on UMD's IRB once the school setting is confirmed.
  • Susan and Melissa will test out the videoconferencing options at the beginning of the week of July 8th.
  • We will aim to have a first advisory team + project team meeting on July 10th or 11th to begin the logic model process. Note: We will likely want to schedule one additional meeting time (perhaps directly after the first advisory team meeting) to share our goals with Marcy Cathey.
  • Kelly will send a doodle poll invite for the advisory team meeting upon receiving contact information for all advisory team members.
  • Goal is to complete logic model before August 19th when the school year begins. Team will aim to meet for a second time in the beginning of August. Pino will be out of the country until August 2nd and again on August 8th. Susan will be out of town the week of August 5th.

College Park Academy:
  • Marcy Cathey is the school director.
  • School year begins August 19th (See PGCPS calendar link)
  • School will be comprised of approximately 300 6th and 7th grade students.
  • Currently it is estimated that 40% of the students will receive free and reduced meals (FARMS).
  • School will have math, science and English language arts teachers.
  • Social studies instruction will be provided in a blended learning environment monitored by an instructional coach that may or may not have a degree in education, but will likely have an undergraduate degree.
  • School is hoping to having "Celebrations" where students publish work every 10 weeks.
  • The afterschool program will have 4 cycles over the course of the school year.
  • The afterschool program will include the following activities: Fine arts, Music, etc.
  • For each hour of afterschool care, parents must pay $1500, but there may be some possibilities for scholarship funding although sources for such funding are not yet identified suggesting that students in the after school program may represent only a specific segment of the overall school population.
  • Note: In an email on 4/15/13, Marcy wrote to Susan and Kelly suggesting that the school may be able to present our project as a mandatory 75-90 minute free program for 2, 4, or 6 weeks that students would cycle through. We need to confirm if this is a real possibility.

Preliminary Considerations for Logic Model:
  • Team would like to achieve a balance between formal and informal learning objectives.
  • Students will only have the support of an instructional coach in the school setting.
  • If students participate in the project during the afterschool time, additional incentives for participation may be required.
  • If students participate during the school day, an effort should be made to align the digital learning activities to the school's science and social studies pacing guides.