Supporting Documentation

Project Proposal and Abstract

Relevant 6th and 7th Grade Science and Social Studies Standards for Maryland
Grade 6 Science Standards
Grade 7 Science Standards
Grade 6 Social Studies Standards
Grade 7 Social Studies Standards

Beyond common core: NCSS' C3 framework initiative for Social Studies standards
The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards provides state guidance for enhancing the rigor of K-12 civics, economics, geography, and history. This could be used to enhance our interpretation of the Maryland standards.

STA's next generation science standards:
Enhanced science standards that could also be considered in the formation of the SI units of study.

Additional Resources

The resources below are examples of ways that digital resources have been used to promote content area learning.

Sample Digital Collection using SI Toolkit
This can be used as a point of reference for how students might create their own digital collection for their final product using the Toolkit.

Michigan State's Virtual History Museum
Another format for curating digital content for the purposes of thematic learning.

A supporting article on the use of virtual history museum. Abstract below:

This study explored the apprenticeship of students with high-incidence disabilities into the discipline of history through mediation of a web-based instructional environment, the Virtual History Museum (VHM). Thirteen students with high-incidence disabilities spread across two cotaught classrooms participated. They engaged in two units of American history within the VHM. Students’ written responses, interviews, and classroom discussions revealed their emerging understanding of multiple perspectives and apprenticeship into the role of historians. Specifically, the students were able to see and accurately represent multiple perspectives about controversial figures in history, as well as take a position and support their position with a rationale.

Exported mPower multimedia project examples: teacher demo and sample student work: